Gary Pedretti taught himself to program on a TI-99/4A in grade school when he endeavored to recreate his favorite video game, Centipede, in TI Extended BASIC.  Somewhere later in life he realized he would have had more success with a compiled, not interpreted language.  In his teenage years he was saddled with an Amiga Persecution Complex. 

Gary now has over ten years experience in enterprise-level IT.  His specialties include application architecture, agile methodologies, SOA, WCF, C#, middle-tier development, data-tier development, and database administration.  He is an MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 2.0/ASP.NET Developer 3.5/Web Developer 4.0, MCDBA 2000, Certified Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Developer, and Professional Scrum Master.  His hobbies and interests include home theater, record collecting, fine dining, and writing about himself in the third person.

To learn more about his professional qualifications, see his LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/garypedretti